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Leather Blades Manufactured by Lahore Knives

Since, 1980 after acquiring the know-how and 43 years of experience in manufacturing blades the company was started by focusing on the manufacturing of Leather Blades including Leather Shaving Blades & Fleshing Blades.


LAHORE KNIVES have been manufacturing leather blades since 1980. With over 43 years of experience in this field, our Leather Blades ensure complete customer satisfaction. We provide two types of blades: Leather Shaving Blades & Fleshing Blades.

Leather Blades

Lahore Knives provides international quality standards for valuable customers. We provide the finest manufacturing leather blades. The company has a long track record of delivering quality knives for its customers. We offer quality products without any complaints. 

We provide trustworthy staff to manufacture leather blades. We provide experienced workers for manufacturing  Leather Shaving Blades & Fleshing Blades. Our Blades are manufactured under the supervision of highly professional workers. Lk offers a wide range of manufacturing leather blades in all sizes. We provide a professional team to manufacture leather blades. With over 4 decades of experience in leather, cutting blades ensure complete customer satisfaction with excellent quality. Perfect shaving can be performed without unwanted marks on the precious skins and hides. Leather blades are manufactured by customizing the manufacturing process. The raw material is genuine and pricey. 

If you should have leather shaving blades & leather fleshing blades, then you came to the best place. We manufacture leather blades according to the customer’s parameters. We manufacture leather blades from high-quality raw materials—our company 100% guarantees against any manufacturing defect.  We are committed to our meeting with customers for manufacturing high-quality leather blades. Per the customer’s instructions, the blades are packed in a wooden box for safety. Would you like to order the blade? Just fill in your details and submit the form. 

That is why the world relies on Lahore knives.

Leather blades are a crucial tool in the arsenal of any leather worker or craftsman working with leather. These blades are specifically designed for cutting and shaping leather precisely, allowing for intricate designs and clean edges in leather projects.

leather shaving blades
leather fleshing blades

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