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Lahore Knives was established in 1980, with over 43 years of experience in this industry, starting only in manufacturing leather blades. These are honest for all types of business deals. 

We manufacture superior quality raw materials with leather fleshing blades. Our products are useful for manufacturing leather accessories industries.

Lahore Knives is a specially developed company that manufactures leather blades. They also used high-quality raw materials to manufacture leather fleshing blades. They used fine-quality steel production. We manufacture all sizes of blades. Lahore Knives has a long track record of excellence in providing quality knives for their customers.  We manufacture leather fleshing blades according to our customers’ measurements. Lahore Knives provides a 100% guarantee of our products. 

Leather fleshing blades, also known as leather fleshing knives or skiving knives, are specialized tools used in leather working to remove excess material from the flesh side of leather hides. 

Leather fleshing blades typically have a curved or straight blade with a sharp edge that allows artisans to scrape away the unwanted flesh or fat from the leather. The blades are made from high-quality steel to ensure durability and sharpness, and they often require regular sharpening to maintain their effectiveness.

Artisans use leather fleshing blades in conjunction with a fleshing beam or fleshing machine to hold the leather in place while they work. The blade is carefully guided along the surface of the leather, removing thin layers of flesh to achieve the desired thickness.

Using leather fleshing blades requires skill and precision to avoid cutting too deeply into the leather or causing damage. Artisans must have a good understanding of the properties of leather and how it responds to the fleshing process to achieve optimal results.

In conclusion, leather fleshing blades are essential tools for leather workers who need to thin and clean leather hides to prepare them for further processing. With proper technique and care,

These blades can help craftsmen create high-quality leather goods with consistent thickness and quality.

leather fleshing blades
leather fleshing blades
lahore knives industry